Bone marrow spoons I need help identifying new pix hlp

The marks I have look just like these except there is no TN and insted of an A there is a F

Hello xfps-

If your sure the marks look just as you have explained, The “Lion Guardant” was used to Identify sterling silver, this mark was used up until 1822.

The “Crowned Leopard” is the city mark for London" used until 1822.

The “f” could represent 1821

If you are sure of the portrait, however it was not used until 1822, in which case the date mark of “f” may have been used at the very end of the year 1821?

Anyway here is a site that may help you figure it out, best wishes.

I have been doing even more investigating on these spoons and one of them has the exact markings as the first pix on that link you gave me. even the TW ,do you or anyone have any idea on its worth?

How many are there? Do they all have the same marks?

Do they look like the ones here… … coops.html

With this info, I can give you an idea of value…

  • Jonathan

these are some pix not the greatest but gives the Idea.

The one on the left has the “exact” marks as the link.
Then the 2nd from the left has the same marks but with no TW , but it has a collared stag, on the back of the biggest part of the spoon. The 3rd from the left same marks except an F instead of O. The 4th and 5th have to small of marks for me to determin but they have 5 marks, plus insignia

see pix above

see pix above


Sorry for the slow reply. Daniel and I are busy with our new shop. I’ve been coding like crazy and only just finished the new website…

And now we have to photograph all the stock. Its a big project and with Christmas coming we’re crazy busy. Anyway, enough excuses…

Georgian marrow scoops are usually worth in the region of £80 - £140 depending on the usual factors; age, town of origin, maker, pattern.

Its hard to be more precise than that unless you provide clear pictures of the hallmarks.

From your description, it sounds like the three on the left are sterling silver, but its not clear from the pics or description that the two on the right are. They might be close plate or epns. I suggest that you investigate your camera’s macro mode! or get somebody to help. If they’re not sterling then they’re worth very little.

Hope that helps // Jonathan

Are we talking about several different hallmarks? The first photo jpeg example is for London 1796 as it is an upper-case ‘A’ with serif - so an ‘F’ in the same style would be for 1801. The mark for 1821 would be a lower-case ‘f’. It really needs a macro photo of the hallmarks. Perhaps ou could borrow a decent digital camera and set it to macro (usually the flower symbol)?