Britannia standard Rat-Tail Hanoverian spoon

It’s a long shot, but maybe Phil or someone can see what I can’t as to the marks on this Hanoverian pattern rat-tail dessert spoon. I can make out the lion and the Britannia standard mark, but the date and maker’s mark defeat me. Many thanks if someone can try…

It’s not Britannia you can see - it’s a crowned leopard’s head (rotate your picture 90 deg anti-clockwise and you should see it). The maker’s mark is Hugh Arnett & Edward Pocock:


and I think that the date letter may be M for 1727, but it looks a bit dubious to me.


1727 is certainly in the right era for Arnett & Pocock.


Phil, you are amazing! I saw the leopard’s mane as the Britannia wing thingies. But of course then the lion couldn’t have been there…
I’ve had this soon for 30 years, and never thought the marks could be read, until I decided to submit it to the forum.
Many thanks, and long life to you!

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