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British...from London I believe. Anyone recognize the Maker?

One is sterling, I just can’t place the maker. But it has the leopard face w/ crown and lion passant.

The other is from a bottle. I can’t find anything on it and fair it might just be plated.


Hi there,
I date this London piece to 1817/18 given the ‘b’, crowned leopard and duty mark. The only maker I can find who just about fits the period is William Hall whose mark was registered in 1795. Hope this helps. Can’t help with the other marks.

I believe that it is more likely to be William Hunter (designated by Grimwade as William Hunter II). Hunter entered a mark of this form in March 1798 and a similar mark in September 1824, so we may assume that he was working in 1817. He continued working until at least 1842.

Can’t help with the other one though.

The item with these marks has just appeared on eBay. It is a photograph frame which looks remarkably modern. I have to conclude that the “hallmark” is a forgery, or at the least a pseudo-hallmark. I know I can say this in retrospect, but I nearly suggested that the marks didn’t look right in my first post - should have had the courage of my convictions!

Not sure if I should post a link to the auction, but anyone familiar with eBay can search for “picture frame” “london 1816”.

i dont believe the first piece is forgery. if someone can help prove it, i would appreciate it. does anyone have any info on the second piece?

Sorry, “forgery” was a bit strong. Let’s just say it’s trying to look like something that is isn’t.