SILVERPLATE Registration Numbers
I have just recently become a silver/silverplate collector and have already become an addict in my quest for knowledge,especilly for silverplate/EPNS objects. I have reasearched some very good sights such as 925-1000 which have given me a good basic grounding in this area but in several cases have drawn a blank.
I have a 3 piece tea or coffee set (no camera avaiabile at the moment) consisting of small pot approx, 4 inches tall and sugar bowl and milk jug. They are marked on the base
A1 in a sheild on its side (of no significance I assume) followed by ALEXANDER SCOTT within a rectangle. There is a Rd 721023 number below this - ref to the 925-1000 site British Registry Design Numbers and Dates Chart tells me the design was registered between 1926 and 1927.
In my quest to find out about the maker can you advise me if there is a source that will tell me more from the reg. number? I make an assuption here that the maker would have furnished details when regestering the design/style?
The 3 pieces also have a mottif/logo on the front which consists of what looks like an eagle within an octogon and with LOCARNO underneath and a 5 sided star under this again.
Hope someone can help to avoid the onset of insanity.

From your description, surely the maker is Alexander Scott? or am I missing something?

Thankyou for taking the time to reply.
I think you have missed my objective here. While the name of ALEXANDER SCOTT appears on the bottom of the items I can’t find any information on any such producer. Could it be that this set was mass produced unmarked and this is the name of the retailer?
Where might be its origin -GB,USA etc.?
What is the connection with the mottiff on the front of the pieces (LORCARNO) -was it a ballroom somewhere,cinema,tearooms or other istitution? Couuld it be a makers mark?
This is why I was hoping that someone could advise me if there was anyway/anywhere I could further investigate the above questions through the RD number route, i.e. is there an index or similar which exists which links the RD number to who registered same.