Brittania spoons


How much might these brittania spoons be worth?

The one from London is in a rather nice condition except for the marks which are worn.

The chester one on the other hand is the opposite, ok marks but worn bowl.

Any idea of who the makers might be?

AR is Andrew Archer and the spoon has the date letter N for 1708/09.

On your Chester spoon RO is Thomas Robinson. I think that the date letter is T which would make the date 1719/20.

For valuation I suggest that you check Ebay’s completed auction listings for spoons of similar age and size. You should be able to find several London examples. However you will not find a Chester example there. Chester hallmarks of this date are vanishingly rare and I really don’t know where you can get a realistic valuation except through a reputable auction house.


Thanks a lot Phil! I appreciate it.