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Brooch Hallmarks ID

Hello, could someone help with the hallmarks on my sterling silver brooch. With a bit of research, i have think it was made in birmingham(anchor) and its sterling silver 925 (lion passant), what i cannot work out is the date, and the maker looks like S.BROS. Thanks

Yes, Birmingham and sterling are correct. The date letter is “m” for 1886. S·BROS appears very likely for the maker’s mark, but there are a number of similar marks at this period, not all of which have been connected with a name.


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Thanks for the information. I wasn’t sure if it was an m or a w. So had it at either 86 or 96. After cleaning i discovered another hallmark of a lion passant in the middle of the brooch, would there be any particular reason for this ?

Without seeing a picture of the whole brooch I cannot say for sure but is it possible that the central part was assayed separately and joined to the rest later?

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I had an idea that might be why. I think the face of the brooch was done seperately.

Yes, that would be the reason. The factory probably had a selection of fronts so that they could make up brooches according to demand.

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I appreciate your help. Thank you.