Butter knife hallmark help

I have a butter knife with some hallmarks that I don’t recognize. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

Mappin & Webb is the M & W
The S & L is supposedly for Sheffield & London

The knife is silver plate.


Just to add a little bit, are you sure that’s a butter knife? Not seeing the rest of the knife I can’t be sure, but it looks more like it’s an individual fish knife with what I see.

Mmm…that may be; my wife just calls it a butter knife. Overall it’s 8-1/2 inches long, with what appears to be a bone (or maybe plastic) beige-colored handle.

here are two pictures of the whole knife.

Yes, I’d say that’s an individual fish knife. Of course, nothing to stop anyone from using it however suits them. I’ve actually thought about using some of my fish knives as butter knives.

Lol, thanks! We’ve actually never used it–I don’t know where my wife picked it up. Now if only someone can identify the hallmarks…

I think the person who responded after your original post identified everything?

Also, I’m guessing the handle is bone, since it split like that, pretty common to have bone handles on fish knives, too.

Hi Ron–Ugh, I totally didn’t even see that response! Once again, the collective mind of the internet to the rescue!!!

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