"C. B. W. & S." makers mark?

Hi, I have a beautiful vintage silver/silverplated teapot with what looks to be “C. B. W. & S.” on the bottom but I am not sure. I researched but found no information. Can you help? Thank you, Suzanne

Suzanne - thanks for joining us on silver collector. You teapot was made by the E. G. Webster & Son company in Brooklyn, N.Y. The company made mostly silverplated holloware of good quality. Your pot was probably made between 1886 and 1928 since the name was E. G. Webster & Bros. until 1886, then changed to E. G. Webster & Son and the company was bought by International Silver in 1928 and the mark on your pot was discontinued.

My estimate of value is in the $100 range if in excellent condition.


Uncle Vic

Thank You So Much …