caddy spoon ID Hallmark

Hi, I’ve had this caddy spoon for some while and I’ve been unable to ID the mark. At a guess I’d say it’s American. The hallmark doesn’t seem to be of high quality and oddly enough both sterling and 925 have been marked. The letter is G contained within a lozenge. The spoon is quite heavy and almost seems cast. Anyway over to you if you can throw any light on where it was made, age etc! I’d be grateful. Gerry

Hi there Gerry and thanks for joining us. I agree its probably American but I don’t recognize the mark either. It was fairly common around the turn of the 20th century for American makers to mark items both with the “sterling” and “925”.

Perhaps our readers can help identify the maker?


Uncle Vic

Thanks Uncle Vic, Maybe somebody else has seen this mark. The spoon is quite heavy for its size. I’ll await in anticipation. Gerry