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Cake Forks? EP hallmark

Hi All
Just found this forum and was wondering if anybody can identify a hallmark on some cake forks - at least that’s what I think they are. I have a set of 6 in a presentaion case from James Walker London Ltd. Maybe from around the 1950’s.

I have added a couple of pictures at the follwing links.

Hope somebody out there can help.

Many thanks to all of you
dave216 :smiley:

These are electroplate (EP) by Cooper Brothers & Sons of Sheffield. I can’t comment on the date as electroplate has no dating information to help us.

Thanks for the info. Silvermakersmarks.

Sorry I should have said I knew they were electro-plate.

Am I right in saying they don’t have any value?


Everything has some value. It’s just that, compared with sterling silver, their value is very small - probably only a few pounds. Polish them up, present them nicely in their case and they might be worth a bit more. Alternatively go out and buy yourself a nice sticky cake and enjoy!

I think the cake is the better option.

Many thanks