Camusso Tea & Coffee Set 6-Piece American Style

Anyone who has any idea of the value of this tea set, please let me know.
I have it listed on ebay, but am concerned if i am listing it for too little.
Here is the information

Camusso Peruvian Sterling Silver Tea & Coffee Set
(6-piece American Style Tea Set with Tray)

Hand wrought Peruvian Sterling Silver 925
Marked: Industria Peruana Plata Esterlina 925 Camusso (with flag)
Date Period : 1960's
Weight: approximately 120 oz

Condition: Excellent

History: Wedding gift to my parents
Size and dimensions: (weights from postal scale)

Teapot 21.2oz - - size 6 1/2" base to top x 11" spout to handle

Creamer - 7.3 oz - - size 5" tall x 6 " spout to handle

Sugar - 8.3 oz - - size - 5" tall x 6" handle to handle

Coffee Pot - 21.3 - - size - 8 1/4 tall x 10 1/4 sput to handle

Bowl - 3.2 oz - 38.4 - size - diameter 3 1/4 ~ 2 1/4

Tray - 58.7 - 20 1/2" tray - handles 24 1/2" x 13"width

Sterling Silver and Ivory heat stops in handle - shown in
detail below

Beautiful! It has been in storage all of these years, with only the tray being used a handful of times. My mother gave this to me years ago, and I too have kept it in storage.  So hopefully this wonderful tea set will find a new home where it will be enjoyed.
Camusso pieces are much more rare to find, especially older sets such as this one.
Camusso was Italian citizen who started his workshop in Lima Peru in 1933. From the website:

"From the time it was founded until today, three generations of the Camusso family have led the company's development, maintaining the clear objective of "transforming silver into art."  It is this concelp that has allowed Camusso to become synonymous with exclusivity and trust, giving its brand name value and recognition."

The Tea and Coffee Set is Unused & the Tray Rarely Used.

I have tried to document the marks that I have found:

The Tea and Coffee Pot have few light scratches at the outermost edges - Only
seen in certain angles of the light. A tiny surface scratch/indent(not even a
16th of an inch in) on the teapot that can only be found in certain light/positions.
(I’m including a picture taken in the barn where the distortion of the roof shows
the area)

The pin of the hinge is also quite strange - I have included this as well. My
mother says the set was never used and the hinge came that way.

The creamer has a smaller pit at bottom of creamer, and the top of sugar bowl top
handle has a few tiny pits. (I will add more photos,and may be on the site listed below)
The Tray has light surface scratches with a definite small pit at the edge of the tray(I will include a photo on the site listed below). There are some gray
spots on the tray, and tarnish on the detail and joints of of the handles.
On many of the pieces, there was a bit of surface tarnish, of which I polished most out.  Some may be left on the underside of the pieces, or in areas unseen.