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Can anybody help me- Georgina?


Can anybody help me with this enquiry.
My grandmothers teapot and milk jug are stamped with Olivant and Botsford Manchester 5504 with what looks like a gloved hand holding a three leafed flower/plant.
There are no other visible distinguishing marks.
The teapot has a silver handle with bone/ivory breakers and a bone/ivory lid decoration.
I know that Olivant and Botsford were retail Jewellers and Silversmiths in St.Anne’s Square,Manchester but I don’t know if this teapot is solid Silver or EPNS.

Has anybody any clues on identity and value?
I’d be most grateful.
teapot 3.jpg
teapot 2.jpg


Please review this page…

How to distinguish between solid silver and silver plate

From your description and photographs its probably silver plate. If it was english silver it would have hallmarks. (Unless that’s manchester USA??!!?)