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Can anybody tell me about this silver spoon?

There are three markings on this spoon along with several different flower designs. Below is how the stampings read. (could not quite make out the design of the hallmark).


“P” (On top part of the front of the spoon. Capital lettering in old english)


I have a Picture for each of the markings below along with a picture of the bowl part of the spoon. Thanks for your help!
Photo0013 (2).jpg
Photo0016 (2).jpg
Photo0012 (3).jpg

Hi there and thanks for joining us. It is probably American because of the word “sterling”. The “P” on the front is a monogram and has no bearing on the maker. Please post up a photo of the back of the spoon handle in the area where the word “sterling” and the patent date is located as there should be a maker’s mark that wil help us identify who made the spoon.


Uncle Vic

Here is the Sterling Sign. Thanks for your help I loof forward to your reply.
Photo0020 (2).jpg

Hi and thanks for the additional photo. It appears to me that the maker’s mark is to the left of the “stering” in this photo and is mostly rubbed out. It may be a three symbol mark, which is common with American makers. I cannot meke it out without wildly guessing…so let’s approach it from a differnt angle - I’ll see if I can find that pattern and the patent date in some of my references and that may lead to the maker. This may take a day or two but we shall not give up so easily!


Uncle Vic

I really appreciate your help! Quite a Mystery!

Look what I found… … 564087db69

Good work! It is Gorham, their 1880 Empress pattern. I suspected it was Gorham as I thought I could see the top of the anchor and the “G” but not sure. Phil Dreis’ American flatware guide shows that pattern’s 8-1/4" serving spoon valued at $79, but I’d suspect its worth a little more than that today.

Glad you solved the mystery.


Uncle Vic