Can anyone help me with Sheffield Reproduction plate

I have a Sheffield Reproduction plate and I am trying to get a date and maker information on it. I do know that it is electroplated since it has E P N S in shields. There are other markings one of which is a crown with 7 points inside a rectangle with angled corners not a octagon since the sides are not even. Next to the crown is a Fleur de lis inside the same type of rectangle. There is also the letters W A R & LTD in the same type of rectangles. Sheffield Reproduction is also stamped in a fancy font. Under the W A R & LTD is a number 8 which I believe is for the plate size. Under the E P N S is the number 703. There is heavy wear so I can see brass color metal. I have attached a photo. Thank you in advance for your help. :smiley: