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Can anyone help with a hallmark on a men's ring?


Hello I was hoping for some help with a hallmark on a ring.
It’s a silver men’s buckle ring and has two marks. The first says std-sil and the second has HG&S925. This second one is just printed and has no rectangle around it and isn’t shaped just plain writing in capitals.
I hope someone can help as we found this is my husbands grandmothers old brass moneybox.


The find sounds fascinating. “husbands grandmothers old brass moneybox”
However, a picture of the marks is a must before the guys here can evaluate.
If no response, then no idea would be my guess
Best regards


I’ve managed to get a couple of pics of the marks.
Hope someone can help!
ring 2.JPG
ring 1.JPG


Can I assume that you are in the UK, or at least that the ring probably originated in the UK? If so I believe that HG&S are most likely H Griffith & Sons of Birmingham & Leamington Spa. STG SIL clearly indicates sterling silver, as does the 925. Note that for UK silver items below a certain weight (the exact figure escapes me at the moment) a full hallmark is not necessary.


Yes i’m in UK and the ring would have been in Uk.
Any ideas on a year as this doesnt have a stamp to indicate a year?


Sorry, no idea. You will just have to go by the style, which to me suggests no earlier than the 1960s.


Thanks for the help! Much appreciated!


Hi, I know this thread was posted in 2012, but I found the same exact ring with the same prints and markings when I was a child and I was recently clearing out my old stuff and came across it. I was wondering if you found out more about this ring please as I am trying to figure out what it is as. I am also from the UK, South Yorkshire. I appreciate if you have any info, thanks.


The only points which I can add to my original reply are (1) that STG SIL is often found on silver sold in Australia & New Zealand so it is possible that they were intended for retail there; and (2) that the maximum weight allowed before a UK hallmark is necessary is 5 pennyweights (dwt) which corresponds to 7.78 grammes.