Can anyone help with hallmarks?

[size=150]Hello, I have an old Scottish Kilt belt buckle, it does have hallmarks on he back, but I can not find them anywhere.

The makers mark seems to be a “H.d” stamp
then I have the Glasgow tree
the lion rampart
scottish thistle
and an e the font for the E is very like this e

I would very much like any assistance in this matter [/size]

The date of the hallmark is probably 1927. Note that it is not just the style of the lettering but also the punch shape which didtinguishes between years. However there are no other plain lower case letter cycles for Glasgow.

The Edinburgh Incorporation of Goldsmiths, who have a very good searchable collection of sponsors’ marks on their site, do not list an HD for this period, either for Glasgow or Edinburgh.

1953 hallmark seems pretty plain lowercase to me… Without a picture its hard to say.