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Can anyone help with this marking please?

Can anyone help me with the marking on this triple clam shell serving dish. I have searched but had no luck, thanks.

EPNS (the letters on each side of the crown) show that this is electroplated (ElectroPlated Nickel Silver), so it is not solid silver. It must date from before about 1896 as a crown was not allowed on electroplate after that time.

The manufacturer (or more likely just the retailer), L&Co, is Liberty & Co.


Thank you Phil for the info. I couldn’t make out what the letters were but I see it now. I did come across Liberty & Co but on the website I came across it said that Liberty and Co used L & Co embossed into individual diamond shapes. Thanks for clarifying.

The L&Co in diamonds mark was used on sterling silver. Various different marks were used on electroplate; see here and here for some examples.