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Can anyone help


I have a Georgian silver spoon with the following hallmarks.
Measures 8 inches long and weighs 47gms.

Can anyone help me identify.

It says 1728 on the handle

Many thanks

Collector 39 202.JPG
Collector 39 200.JPG

The closest I can get to this is Wlliam Webb of Winchester. Jackson records a similar mark which is tentatively ascribed to this silversmith:

Note that your mark is not exactly the same and the apparent date is later too, so I am not very confident of it being Webb.

(I have deleted your duplicate post in Collecting British Silver.)

Thank you very much.

Much appreciated


I believe I can just about make out a rat-tail on the back of the bowl, and I must presume the top of the stem (finial) has a wavy end finish, also known as dognose.

Those are betrothal monograms on the stem and the spoon was most probably given as a wedding present in 1728.

The makers mark in all likelihood most probably is William Webb with a date cira of 1700. All in all, a very nice find.

Hope this helps.


I have a 1710 Hanoverian rat-tail spoon with a betrothal date of 1730.

Thats very helpful thank you very much.

That tallys with what Ithought.

Very best regards