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Can anyone identify the stamp

Can anyone identify the stamp ?

It’s a London import mark for the assay year 1910/11. The sponsor’s (importer’s) mark is F B Thomas & Co of New Bond Street.


Thank you fir your fast replay.
Is it worth something because it was part of a legacy I did not connect to it, what is the value and where can it be sold?

It certainly has a value as it is solid sterling silver. I always suggest looking at Ebay’s “sold” listings to get an idea of what people are prepared to pay. You are very unlikely to find exactly the same set but you may find a similar 4-piece tea service/set.

I just search on ebay , but i did not find any same mark on they auction , but as you mention , need to work to find it.
Thank you very much for your help.

Just look for a 4-piece set - forget the mark.