Can anyone identify these marks on this candelabra?

This is a 4 arm candelabra that measures 16" tall. In addition to the hallmark pictured here, the base of the candelabra is intricately engraved with the year “1884” and the initials “EMB”. They appear to be original to the piece. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


I believe thats
Henry Wilkinson & Co by Sheffield, England but i’m trying to find what that symbol means.

On another site, the marks were identified as Horace Woodward & Company, Birmingham, England.

-George Cartwright & Joseph Hirons founded the company in 1840’s.
-Cartwright, Hirons & Woodward (c.1853-1859),
-Cartwright & Woodward (1859-1965),
-Horace Woodward & Company (1865-93),
-Horace Woodward & Company Ltd. (from 1893).
-Company was taken over by Adie Brothers in 1919. Marks may have been used to 1922.

The mark was used between 1865-93 which corresponds with the engraved 1884 date on the bottom of the candelabra.

No info about the pictoral mark though.
I’m looking for other opinions. Thanks.