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Can anyone identify this hallmark please?

I cannot find anything on this hallmark which is on a silver ring:
The stamps are WWL - a crown - 18 - a shield? - r
Thank you! :smiley:

Anyone please? :frowning:

I guess that no reply means none of us can help. Sorry…

I have 3 spoons that i am trying to identify.
Spoon 1 has hallmarks on it that are…
H.Bisby&coLTD Sheffield

Spoon 2 has potosi silver stamped on the handle and 5 pictures on the end base (a shield with a bird type creature spreading its wings a circle with a B inside it, a circle with a 2 inside it, a circle with a crown inside it and a diamond with the letters Rd.

Spoon 3 has DIXON stamped on it with a trumpet and this type shape > with a line directly in the middle as well, also it says 1945 next to the < shape.
Someone please help me identify my spoons as i really want to know their history and what metal they are thank you.

Hi Niamh,

Before I answer your query I must tell you that I have deleted your other 2 posts under “What’s it worth?” and “What is it?”. It is only necessary to post one question as categories containing new posts are obvious to signed-in members of the forum. For any future queries we would also appreciate that you start a new post rather than hijacking another query so that it is clear which question our responses are aimed at. I must also say that pictures are, almost always, at least desirable and frequently essential for proper identification.

OK, lecture over - I hope I haven’t put you off…

Your spoon 1 is possibly electroplate but could also be a base metal. For spoon 2 the trademark “Potosi Silver” indicates that it was made by the Potosi Silver Co of Birmingham, a subsidiary of the manufacturing silversmiths, Levi & Salaman. Potosi Silver is a trademarked name for a white metal alloy which, despite its name, contained no silver whatsoever. Spoon 3 is also probably electroplate and made by J Dixon & Sons of Sheffield - the trumpet is their trademark.

Note that, as none of your spoons has a silver hallmark, nor any other indication of silver fineness, they are not silver.