Can anyone identify what or who this hallmark D&W stands

i have a silver ring with hallmarks D&W & the anchor & the lion & another one which i cant make out but if i find out who or what D&W means then it might be able to identify the hallmark i cant work out because i will have a look at hallmarks assosiated with them thank you

This sounds like Birmingham hallmarked sterling silver. D&W is the maker’s or sponsor’s mark but I don’t know their identity. Possibly the more important mark is the one you can’t read which will be a date letter. If you can’t read it through a magnifying glass it perhaps needs cleaning. Ring hallmarks on the inside of the ring often get quite dirty and a bit of soapy water and gentle use of a toothbrush should remove any dirt. You can find a table of Birmingham date letters on the Birmingham Assay Office’s web site here.