Can anyone please help me with these hallmarks..

i have acquired a knife and fork set but have no idea what the marks mean. i take it the (D&A) means DANIEL & ARTER Birmingham?? but im at a loss with the rest of the marks… is it even made of silver? any help much appreciated [/img] iv attached the hallmarks hope some one can help

update also has mark (rd 626480)

It seems you have the same image as on this site … .html#ART1
Which may answer some of your questions.
However, indeed Daniel & Arter. The ‘E P’ in gothic form stand for ElecroPlate, The ‘A1’ in your case would be, I think, the grade of silver application. The cross hatched circle would be one of their trade marks, and the Rd number would be a design number.

thank you John, suppose that sums it up so , any idea about the mark (rd 626480)


Design registration number 626480 was issued in 1913 so that gives you an earliest possible manufacturing date. The design may have continued in production for several (or even many) years after that.