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Can anyone pls identify this cutlery and is it of value?

I have recently come across a silver cutlery set whilst cleaning out family house.
I was hoping someone could identify the hallmarks etc and if it will be worth anything.
The stamp on the back is HA EA FA EPA on the front of the cutlery there is a crown and a H M.
I was hoping to find out any background, it is a full dinner service with serving spoons , sugar pinchers, salt spoons etc etc and comes in a wooden 4 tier chest.
Thank you

This is not silver - the EP stands for electroplate. The maker is Atkin Brothers of Sheffield; HA, EA and FA are Harry, Edward & Frank Atkin. It will have some value due to the number of pieces, but not enough to retire on!

Thank you so much for your help, clears it all up! :slight_smile: