Can anyone tell me what this was used for?

Interesting heavy piece, but I have no idea what it would have been used for?

Probably a table centrepiece with a shaped glass vase insert for flowers.

Indeed that is correct. Specifically it’s the base of a Victorian Pairpoint cherub vase. You don’t say if it is sterling silver or plate. The glass depending on the date would have been either cut or pressed. and tall.

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Thank you so much. I don’t see any marks indicating it is silver so I’m assuming it is silver plate. Any ideas on how to price it? Seems a unique piece.

Just noticed this follow up from you.

I suppose if you could find a duplicate vase to fit the collar on the base and if it was contemporary you’d have something someone might like. But it has to be a tight fit. but even then its not big money. $125 on the right day. There are other options. Sell it as is as the base for a glass tazza dish or even find the glass dish to fit.

Ebay’s a good place to search for either a tall Edwardian vase or a glass tray top.

The other thing you could go is convert it into a whale oil lamp but again you have to find the bits that fit together and no whales need die in the cause there is a modern alternative.

A fully functional oil lamp with three cherubs holding their noses would make an excellent conversation piece for the gents’ loo.