Can somebody help identify these hallmarks??

Hiya, Ive just found some spoons and forks in a drawer which have hallmarks on the back. Could someone tell me what the marks mean? some spoons show either E.P. or E.P.N.S on them, so im guessing these are electro-plated, but the others have hallmarks that i cannot find anywhere on the internet…

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Your spoons and forks are, as you thought, electroplated. EP, EPNS, A1 are all indications of electroplate. Although there are a few silversmiths with the initials EP, for their work to be silver there must also be a full silver hallmark present. The marks on your pieces are trademarks - applied by the manufacturer. I don’t recognise the first and last of the the three which you show, but the central one is James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield.