Can somebody please tell me if these are worth it?

Hi this is my first post and I’m just starting out in my collection of silver items.
I’m after some advice on these napkin rings which are currently for sale on Ebay. I was thinking about buying them but wasn’t sure about the maker, they are by Hilliard and Thomason, now I have never heard of them but the engravings are attractive and I was woundering weather the current price of £55 the pair is a fair price also is the make collectable?

I have included a link to the advert.

Many thanks



Hi Jeff. Thank you for joining us.

Hilliard & Thomason were a relatively prolific and quite well known Birmingham company during the second half of the 19th century and just into the 20th century. I suggest that you check out eBay’s completed auctions to get a feeling for the sort of price napkin rings are making.

Good luck with your collection.