can someone help idenify some hallmarks?

Hi, i have a couple of spoons with hallmarks on but i’m struggling to find information on it, could someone please help?

Thank You :slight_smile: … 4ujYRH.jpg … kObtZs.jpg

These are not strictly speaking hallmarks as your spoons are electroplate rather than solid silver. That’s what the “EP” mark signifies. I don’t recognise the manufacturer’s mark but I can immediately say that they date from before about 1895 when the use of the crown on electroplate was outlawed becasue of potential confusion with a Sheffield silver hallmark.

We can be a bit more accurate with the date as the diamond mark in your first picture is a design registration mark which shows that the design was registered on 5th June 1869. Clearly the spoons will not have been made before then but it may not have been long after that when they were manufactured.

Thank you for your reply, will they have any value with the date or would the value be low with it being electroplate?

Value will not be great. Electroplate values are very dependent on plating condition and pattern. It might have been an advantage if you had a full set rather than just 2 spoons.