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Can someone please help to identify?

Hi all, hope I’ve posted this in the right place as this is my first post. I have this kinda fork and knife that I’m having trouble identifying. I’m new to this but so far I think I’ve figured out that the R&B is the maker ‘Roberts & Belk’ . Although the R & B logo doesn’t seem to match any shown on the internet as the logo on the fork and spoon are oval! Any help or information on these hallmarks would be great.
Thanks in advance.

You are probably looking in the wrong place on the internet for these marks. The third part of the mark reads “EP” so you should be looking at electroplate and not silver marks. This site shows a selection of Roberts & Belk’s electroplate marks. The “S” stands for Sheffield, where their factory was.


The fork in your first picture appears to have a registration mark. If it is legible, it could provide information about when the design was registered.

Perhaps the knife bears a legible registry mark?