can someone please tell me what this is?

I found this piece at goodwill today and I’m very exited to find out what it is or what it was used for if anyone could help me I have found somewhere that the markings on the bottom are Sheffield Silver Company but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. I’m also not sure how to clean it or with what. I believe it’s silver plated if that helps. well here it is!

Lid markings

bottom markings


This is a chafing dish - for keeping food warm.

Yes, the maker is Sheffield Silver Co of Brooklyn and it is silver plate. Clean it with a normal silver polish.

I’m not sure that is a chafing dish. With the size comparison to the keyboard I would say it is a crumb tray – the tray into which the crumbs are scraped from the tablecloth after the meal or between courses.

According to my grandmother, who has given me 2 of these in different sixes, it is a silent butler. You use it for collecting crumbs, nutshells, emptying ashtrays, anything that you can quickly tidy up at a party…hope this helps. Alkso, DON’T use it as a chafing dish, you will totally ruin it!!!