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Can someone tell me anything about this silver plate pitcher

Hi, this is my first posting. I bought this pitcher from a thrift shop for a dollar. I saw some marks on the bottom with the words Silver Plated underneath. There is also a spot on the bottom where someone etched T/ICY. Could someone tell me where this pitcher is from, how old it is, and what these symbols mean? And also what T/ICY means. I looked around on websites looking through many pictures of hallmarks and have been unable to find ones like these. All I know is that the walking lion symbol means pure silver, but I don’t know anything else. Thanks
Here are links to some pictures of the pitcher: … ers052.jpg … ers051.jpg … ers050.jpg

the lion passant does indeed mean sterling silver, however this mark doesnt represent this in your case. The 4 marks u see are the makers trademark. The ‘signature’ is most likely the person that sold the jug, im not sure. Its a large silver plated jug. I think uncle vic might know a bit more about it.

Who’s Uncle Vic?

Hi there JCC and thanks for joining us. Your pitcher appears to bear one of the silver plate marks of the Watson Co. of Attleboro, Mass. Watson used a number of marks incorporating that shape crown and the left-facing lion with the “squiggly” tail. Your mark is perhaps a “private label” mark made by Watson for a retailer with the initials “M.L.”. The engraved letters on your pitcher are probably someone’s initials and have nothing to do with the maker.


Uncle Vic

Thank you so much, I’m glad to finally have a name to go along with the jug. Also, do you know what the value of this would be, or how old it is?

An American silver plated item such as this would have little commercial value. It was probably made between 1919 and 1955 - its hard to get any more precise than that since very little American sterling silver had date marks and virtually no silver plate carried them.

Its a very nice piece to polish up and enjoy!


Uncle Vic

Thanks Uncle Vic.