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Can You Help Identify Marks on Jug???

I’ve done extensive searching for information about this item. It seems to be sterling silver and has the initials e, c over a p…which seems to indicate Edwin Charles Purdie from either London or Chester. I am very confused about the crown though. The crown seems to have crosshatch marks and lines inside it. There is also an etched number on the bottom that looks like, 0696-C…I don’t know it that has any meaning or not.

Please help me identify & date this item if possible. Can you determine the rarity or value of this also?

Thanks so much!
Copy (2) of ebay 001.jpg

All I can offer, being the American silver guy, is that the numbers were done with a vibrating etching tool, note the little dots in the numbers, so they mean nothing in the search for the marks, other than they were done recently.

Uncle Vic

Thanks Uncle Vic!

Could you give me any more information about the crown symbol? Is it Sheffield? It just seems to look different from the other Sheffield marks I’ve seen with the lines and crosshatch marks within the crown. If anyone knows, please post your reply here.

See more photos here: