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Can you help identify my silver teapot

It’s about 3 1/2 " high by 7 1/2" from from spout to handle. It looks like it’s handcrafted and there is what looks like an onyx piece between the handle and pot. The markings on the bottom are simply 1755 and there is a 2. With a magnifying glass I can see C182. I haven’t polished it until I know where it comes from and what year. Thanks for any help you might give me. I think I can only add one photo so hope it comes through.

As you do not describe any mark which sounds like a silver hallmark or indication of fineness I have to say that your teapot is most likely electroplated. It is typical of a pattern which was popular at the end of the 19th century (I have a very similar one myself which has been handed down in the family and which has suffered badly from plating loss).

The site allows up to 3 pictures per post.

Thanks so much for your quick response and good information. We love the experts. Here’s a photo of the bottom of the teapot. We weren’t sure of the history–or how to tell if it’s silver-plated. We tried a magnet and it didn’t attract. Thanks again.

Just FYI, the ‘onyx’ is possibly bone or ceramic dependent on age. To reduce heat transference between pot & handle.
To me, the pot is plated, as SMM stated. The numbers recently posted refer to the pattern.
From the stated height (3.5"), I would suggest this was, what is described as, a Batchelor’s teapot.
Says it all really, a single Victorian/Edwardian gent/student with his own sized teapot - normally with the associated sugar/milk set.

Thanks so much for this interesting information. I paid $1 in a garage sale for this teapot just because I liked it, but it’s always fascinating to have some idea of how old it is and where it came from. I love the idea of it being used by a bachelor (or bachelorette).