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Can you help identify this Walker & Hall silver piece pl

Hi, I have a silver basket made by Walker & Hall and I have pictured the identifying marks. Is it possible to tell me what year this might have been made? What does the “H” stand for? How will I tell if its silver or silver-plated? Does the “Chez Quaglino” stamp add to its interest and would it have any value other than ornamental? Any information would be greatly appreciated. :unamused:

It doesn’t have a hallmark so it can’t be silver. “Warranted hard & silver soldered” is a sure indication of electroplate.

The H is W&H’s own date code for the year but there is no published reference for these codes. However one of our contributors is working on a list and may be able to help if he sees your post. Based on the fact that I have seen a J in a similar shape on a piece with a design registration number dated to 1926 I reckon that the H could be late 1920s or early 1930s.

I don’t know how interesting a “Chez Quaglino” stamp might be.


That is a silver plated bread basket made in 1936. For those who are waiting, I really am getting closer to finishing the date code publication. The inscription probably relates to the restaurant for which is was made. Chez Quaglino is still in the St. James’s area of London.


Thank you so much for your reply. Would this basket have any value?

What size is it?