Can you help me find some more information about this spoon?


I found this silver spoon in my grandfathers shed when I was small, I was having a clear out earlier today and found it sat there in a shoebox - I’m struggling to identify the hallmarks, any chance someone can help me out?Uploading: A9825BF6-02A6-4511-8394-A7A9D7CD7436.jpeg… Uploading: B8A024AF-9C3C-4CFD-8856-5D3F9D1F54B4.jpeg…

Your picture uploads do not seem to have worked, Can you try again please.

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Images should be working now thanks!

I can’t make out all of the details of the mark. I can see [something] [Gothic C] [something circular] [S]. This does not seem to bear any relation to a silver hallmark so it is most likely to be an electroplate mark. The wear on the mark must be indicative of the wear on the whole spoon so it is likely that the electroplated silver has all gone.