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Can you help me identify these spoons?

Hi everyone. I have just joined the site because I have inherited some silver and silver plate and some of the pieces have me looking for help…as the marks are ones I cannot find anywhere so far. So I thought I would post some pics and a description…and maybe you folks can help me figure out what I have here.
Here goes:
First up is a set of what I believe are grapefruit spoons that belonged to my Great grandfather. He was born in about 1850. They appear to be sterling, not plate, but I am not sure. A magnet does not stick to them and there is no mark of EP or EPNS…just a mark of some sort on the front and then marks on the back. All are similar…but one is slightly different; smaller fiddle head and different marks on front and back.
The first three spoons have a mark that is quite complex and may be a crustacean(??) on the front of the handle. And they have 3 marks on the back.

  1. a capital L and V separated by a star
  2. a diamond shaped lozenge with an A over a maltese cross
  3. a cartouche with the head of a man? King? facing right

The 4th spoon has an imprint that is vaguely diamond shaped on the front and it has 3 marks on the back;

  1. a cartouche with a head of a man (with a beard) in it?
  2. a diamond shaped lozenge with letters in it…the only ones I can read is an R or a B
  3. a round mark with a scary looking face in it…maybe a lion or a devil???

I will attach a link to pics…maybe you can help…maybe not. I would just like to know more about them. Family connections are terrific…but it would be good to know if they are Canadian or possibly Scottish as that is the family background.

Thanks very much,

Your link does not work - just takes me to a dropbox sign-in page. Note that many people are wary of clicking on links so it would be better if you could either embed your pictures in your post or use the image attachment feature.

I have moved your post to “Reading Silver Hallmarks” as it might be more appropriate there.

Thank you.
Sorry the link doesn’t work…I checked it but there you go. I will try attaching some pictures.
These first three pictures are of the three similar spoons.
I will also post 3 pics of the other spoon.

I am porobably going about this all wrong…but here are three pics of the spoon that is different than the others -although remarkably similar.
Thanks everyone,

These are French hallmarks. You will find some more detail here, but in summary the first set of pictures are 800 standard silver and the second set are 950 standard from Paris (I think - not my field of expertise!).

Really? That surprises me greatly! I just assumed that because the family is from Canada via Scotland that the spoons would be too! They are engraved with great grandads initials. He was a jeweler/watch salesperson so maybe that is why. I will be checking out the link for more info…but Thank you very much!!! I was not expecting any info so quickly. Let you know if I find out anything more…and there are some other pieces that I will need help with as well.
Does anyone here know where I might find out about antique pewter?
Anyhow…thanks…I will begin with that link…

Try this site for pewter: