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Can you help me learn more about these flatware sets?


I was given two sets of flatware today and I would like to learn more about them, whether they’re worth anything and a ballpark guess-timate of their value, etc. I don’t intend to sell them, they belonged to my grandparents and my great-grandparents, but I am curious about their value.

The first I am guessing is not worth a lot. The first set (light tan, larger case) was my grandmother’s and the interior of the storage box reads “Community. The Finest Silverplate” and all of the pieces are stamped with “Old Community Plate”.

The second set, in the smaller dark wood box, is the set I’m most interested in knowing more about. All I know about it is that according to my dad, my great-grandmother brought this set with her from Prussia when she came to the US around 1880 (however, from what I’m finding, it appears this is the Patrician pattern and wasn’t availble prior to 1914). The case indicates it is from Rogers (though this might not be the original case), but only two of the pieces bear that name (the large spoon and slotted spoon - see image 1). The rest of the set is marked with “Community” (the knives only) and “Community Plate” (forks and spoons), and the pattern seems to match between all of these pieces.

Thanks in advance for any info you can give me or direct me to in regard to these sets. Whether they’re worth a lot of money or worth very little, the sentinmental value for me is very high. I can only upload 3 images to this post, but I do have some more if anyone would like me to post them. I’m sorry they aren’t greatest, I’m not a great photographer and am only using a phone camera but I tried, lol.

Thanks again!