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Can you help me to identify these marks?


Hi everyone,
I’ve got three different pieces of cutlery that have marks on them. I am pretty sure that one of them is Irish silver (but don’t know the date etc.) Can you give me any help with this and the other two.


Hi Simon,
This is an answer to your first mark “JS&S”
This mark is quite complicated to explain in a note in the following link you will find a very interesting story about it.

copy and paste it in your explorer search bar.

hope it helps.
Happy Easter.


by the way i’m working on the others.


Hi Simon,
Its me again, The last of the three is the silver plate mark of " THOMAS PRIME & SON,
Who were manufacturing in Birmingham around 1844 up to 1894.

Have another happy Easter



Hi Simon,
The middle mark is indeed a Dublin, Ireland silver mark, The date is that of 1830. I suspect that the maker is James England, but that will have to be confirmed as the letters are hard to define.

I have enjoyed searching these marks and hope your enquiry ends soon.

I hope it helps.