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Can you help me with a date? Walker & Hall

Hello :smiley:

I have inherited a cutlery set from my godmother. It was given to her husband as a prize for winning a horse race and I’d like to try and find out some more info. If I know the date of the service then I might be able to find the horserace.

The letters stamped are W . & . H . S . H . A1 (flag). Im thinking it might have been in the 50’s or 60’s. It’s a lovely Kings Pattern set and not tarnished at all, so I’m guessing electroplated.

It’s definitely electroplated (A1 signifies the manufacturer’s best quality). Walker & Hall are unusual (but not unique) among electroplaters in using a private date coding system. None of the marks which you mention are part of that system but there may be one which you have not listed. If so then a picture of the marks may allow fuller identification.


Thank you so much for replying Phil. I dont see any other marks at all. I will do a double check though. Thank you!

W&H didn’t use the date-coding on everything they produced. Without it we can’t nail the date down.

Thank you so much again. While disappointing, at least I now know that it is a dead end from the date respect. and move on.

I do have 1 more question if anyone is happy to answer for me (out of curiosity and use than my godmother quest)

In the set there are two spoons for which I don’t recognise their use. A tiny teaspoon and a wide spoon with the handle the length of a standard teaspoon - could this be a soup spoon with a short handle? Thank you :blush:.