Can you help me with a value for a teapot and bowls?

William Rogers teapot … hotostream … hotostream
The mark is on the inside of the leg is a square with some sort of a symbol, “WM Rogers” then a star then 800.
I also have a sugar dish that matches, and a cream dish, which is broken.

i also have a bowl with a lid, it says rogers & bro on the bottom-the mark looks like this: … 10x110.jpg
under the mark it sys 4800 1/2
This is the bowl:

I also have a bowl, with this mark: … -99x93.jpg
it says Victor silver Co quadruple plate.
Above the mark it says "[a word I cant read] June 14, 1904 B
Under the mark it says 4318 … hotostream

ANY info you know on any of these pieces is really helpful! Thanks so much and if you need any more pictures or help from me, please say so!! Thank you!!!

Hi there Mango and thanks for joining us. It appears all of your items are American and silver plated, not solid silver. The Wm. Rogers mark on the teapot contains an eagle as the first (or left hand) mark. I could not open the flicker photos, but from your description they appear plated as well, likewise the “triple” and “quadruple” plate marks.

There is little or no market for American electroplated items such as yours and therefore they have little or no commercail value.


Uncle Vic