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candle snuffer redux

On Jan 2 I posted a query about a candle snuffer and attempted to attach a photo. As a result of the size of the photo, the posting did not go through. The next day I posted a second query with photo attached. Thinking the first one had gone through sans photo I left out the information about the hallmarks. This snuffer has four hallmarks which appear to be English hallmarks. On the left there is a lion passant facing left with the front paw upraised and the tail curving over the back. On the extreme right, there is a leopard head sans crown. The two center hallmarks are capital block letters. There is a capital P on the right and a capital F on the left. We believe the P to be the date letter.
We don’t know what the F is for. The hallmarks are extremely small or I would attach a photo. The clothing is curious and the detail amazing. The jacket has a row of round buttons very close together that appear to be the kind you would see on a military jacket. The figure is carrying a pouch of some kind under one arm. This is on a wide band that goes across his back and contains three incised stars. He is barefoot and his pants are ragged and torn. Any information would be appreciated.

Are the hallmarks anything like the picture below? Note that the shape of the shield or box containing the letter P is important. If so, this is a London hallmark from 1890 (the date letter P) with an import mark (the F) indicating that the item has been manufactured abroad.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, the hallmarks are exactly as you show them. I would have included a photo but the hallmarks are incredibly small. You need a good magnifying glass to view them. I had suspected that the piece was not English and was manufactured abroad. Any clue as to the country of origin? It’s good to know that the date is 1890 because we were unsure about that. Thanks again. I love the piece and it’s nice to know more about it.