Candlestick Pair Information Request

My wife and I are complete novices regarding silver. Yesterday, we bought a pair of ‘silver’ candlesticks which we really like.
We would love to know more about them - including if they are really silver and any details we can find about their maker.
A search of the internet left me rather confused by the hall mark, but I did find one reference to TEW and the name Thomas Edward Whitehead : … ham-T.html
However, the anchor seems to indicate Birmingham, but why is it at 45 degrees? If TEW is the maker, who or what is AEW?
Any help would be much appreciated.

The candlesticks weigh 494 grams and 502 grams and stand 185 mm high

If I can provide more/better information, please ask.


Your candlesticks are pewter, not silver. If they were sold as silver you should take them back and demand a refund. The key piece of information here is the mark on the far right which is the mark of the Association of British Pewter Craftsmen. AEW is A E Williams, a Birmingham company, and I note that candlesticks like yours are available for sale online directly from them.

Thanks for the reply.
They were not described as silver when we bought them (although in my ignorance I thought they might be silver).
In addition, we bought them for a good discount to the current price, so no harm done.
Also, I’ve learned a little about the candlesticks and about silver - thankyou.

Finally, we still like them…