Candlesticks - hallmark possibly a bell

I have a pair of ornate silver/silver plate candlesticks with a hallmark on the base which is possibly a bell. The candlesticks came from a house sale pre 1925. Any ideas of the maker gratefully received!
Candlestick Hallmark.JPG

Unlikely to be silver. Although I don’t recognise the mark it gives me the feeling that it may be a pewter mark.

I thought possibly Roberts, Cadman & Co.

You may very well be right - I had not considered the possibility of Old Sheffield Plate (OSP). If they are OSP it may be possible to see at an edge where the plate of silver is fused to the base metal. Can you post a picture showing a full candlestick so that we can see the style.

The candlesticks are 13 inches high, They also have a small X marked on the sconces, and if you remove the sconces there is a four digit serial number stamped on the top of the candlestick. (I think my grandmother may have over zealously polished them!)
Candlestick 2.JPG

The style looks contemporaneous with Roberts, Cadman & Co. Probably a local antique dealer might be willing to give you an opinion.

Thank you.