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Candlesticks with porcelain stems

I have a pair of candlesticks inherited from my parents. They have painted porcelain stems. Height approx. 8". Hallmarks very rubbed. I attach a photo of the pair and scanned images of each of the hallmarks. I’d like to know when the were made and how much they might be worth.
Thank you
The pair picresized_1208138607_P1070293.jpg

Here, I hope, are the scanned hallmarks
Hallmark 2 picresized_1208138135_.jpg
Hallmarch 1 picresized_1208132060_Candlestick.jpg

Can anyone tell me if I’ve expressed this wrongly? I’ve looked and looked on the internet but can’t find candlesticks like this so I have no idea what they might be worth and I’d be very glad for some help.

Fine looking candlesticks.
Looks like British silverplate marks to me.
The middle marks are PGS which stand for “Plated German Silver” .
The term German silver (later called nickel silver) was seldom used after World War I.

Hello Snuffer
Thanks so much for your message. What you say is surprising, though. I’d thought the first mark on the left was a crown and the second a lion. Still, I’m sure you’re right.

Another question then. The porcelain stem - is it very unusual? As I say I haven’t found anything like it on the internet which is puzzling.

Thanks again

Hi Margaret.

The crown is a psuedo mark meant to imitate the Sheffield crown. The use of this mark on British silverplate was banned around 1897.
I think the second mark is a Fleur-de-Lys.

Can’t remember seeing a porcelain stem on candlestick holders before. However, I’m in the United States, and our styles and tastes often differed from those of Great Britain.
Again, I think they look great.

Hello Snuffer
Yes, they are really charming.

I’ve squinted long and hard at the marks and I can at last see what you mean by the PGS and even the fleur de lys. Pseudo sounds fraudulent but I suppose that with the PGS no one could be bamboozled.

The porcelain is very pretty too, though presumably off topic on this forum.

Anyway, thank you so much for your help, I’m really grateful.