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Canefield forks


We have a dozen of these forks. The Monogram on the back reads SSR which we THINK means these were turn-of-the-century pieces – one of the Esses standing for Shriver (as in the Shriver/Kennedy clan) one branch of which married into my Mother’s family, Reifsnider, way back when. Anyway, thats 100% immaterial because there’s no way of confirming our assumption.

I’ve not heard of Canefield sterling. I think the design is striking, and wonder if the have any value at all. All we have are forks; nothing else.

Any help you can offer will be appreciated.
canefield 4.jpg
Canefield 2.jpg
Canefield 3.jpg


And, finally, the writing on the stem.
Canfield 1.jpg


They were made by Canfield, Brother & Company (Ira B. Canfield, his brother William, and J.H. Meredith) in Baltimore, MD circa 1850-1881. Very fine stuff you have there, I’ll do some looking at values, but the old ornate Baltimore sterling is hot as a firecracker right now.


Uncle Vic


I see plain fiddleback Canfield folks selling for $20 on ebay and a serving peice offered at $735, so a wide range. Yours seem nicer than the plain ones, so I’d venture a guess that as a set the dozen should fetch $350-450.


Uncle Vic