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Can't figure out this lion

I have a silver table bell of approx. 10 cm in height.

As far as I can see it was imported by Berthold Mueller/Miller in 1906 in Chester and it is 925 silver.

But there are 2 marks that I cannot identify.
It are:

  • the standing lion
  • a letter in a shield (perhaps the top of a ‘p’ or ‘o’)

I know that the company BM imported a lot of Hanau Silver.

These are some pics I made

Merken totaal

Merken totaal 2

Merk leeuw

Merk P

This one is from internet, but it shows the same lion.

van silvercollection it

EDIT: I found out it are hallmarks from Hanau, Germany from either Ludwig Neresheimer & Co, or B. Neresheimer & Söhne.

Thanks for updating - all questions answered then.