can't find Birmingham makers name

Hi al
I have a stirling cigarette case made in 1946 in Birmingham . The makers mark is T H over & Co. in a diamond shaped shield.
Can anyone please identify the maker.

I can’t find anything matching your description in my references. Any chance of a picture? and are you sure it’s 1946 and not 1921?

Thanks for your prompt reply.
Yes’ I’m not sure about the date. The letter is an uper case “W” but the shields for 1946 and 1921 look very similar.
Is there a maker that would fit the 1921 date?
Thanke for your help
Graeme Fowles

The request for a picture was really to see exactly what you mean by “diamond shaped shield” - I can’t fit the description to one of the normal punch shapes.

Sorry about the lack of a photo but the mark is on a gilded surface inside the case.
It is very difficult to read let alone photo. I will try to describe the shape more clearly.
I think it may br called a lozange? or a four cornered diamond with the corners pointing north,south,east and west.
Have I confused you,I will quit before I confuse myself.
Thanks again for your interest.

Do you mean like this?:

Unfortunately I can’t find anything in my references matching a mark like this.

My description must have been OK as your drawing is spot on.
I will just have to wonder about the maker and enjoy his (her) work
Half the fun of collecting is reading the information (with your help) on the item.
I have just purchased a pair of sugar tongs dated 1798 with hallmarks as clear as if they were struck yesterday.
Thanks again for your help.