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Can't find these marks anywhere

This is a tea pot I believe there are two smaller bowls that match it one with a lid and the other open on top with a spout the smaller bowls have no marks but attached is a picture of what’s on the bottom of the tea pot looks to me like some of the ones I seen but I’ve been searching for days so now they are all looking alike best of my knowledge is that it was brought to the states by my great grandparents from Norway in the early 1900’s any info would be wonderful thank you

I can’t get it to load my pictures any help would be great

It says must be 500x500 pixels but I can’t figure out how to change resolution on my iPhone

Got it finally

Side view

Almost certainly an American electroplater, although I don’t recognise the marks. It certainly isn’t Norwegian given the phrase “Silver on Copper”.

So nothing special huh