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Can't Identify A British Sterling Silver Hallmark

I have a 14.5" pocket watch chain. Every link is hallmarked! I have identified “Brook & Son” via “B&S” in an indented rectangle. So far, so good. Also has the Walking Lion (Lion Passant). What I can’t identify is a figure appearing to be a Circle with an Arrow through it. I’ve looked at virtually every source available on the internet = “ZERO!” It’s NOT a letter, a wreath, or a stand-a-lone circle. I used my computer microscope to take pictures…the images themselves are worn but I selected the best of the bunch. I’m trying to date it as well. Any help will be greatly appreciated. John

The date letter on the T-bar is Chester’s 1939 “O” (upside down in your picture) and B&S is Britton & Sons, a Birmingham company.


Thank you, Phil. I went back though the online Hallmarks website and found it !!! Old eyes, I guess…I completely missed it. I was initially looking at every iteration of “B&S” and in fact had “Benjamin Henry Britton & Sons” on my list. BTW…can you please recommend how I can arrive at a good estimation of the value of this watch chain? It’s 14.5 inches long. Thanks, John.

A scrap silver calculator will give you a minimum value. For an estimate of what people might be prepared to pay check out Ebay’s “sold” listings; you should find something comparable.

Again, thank you, Phil. I collect and restore 19th century pocket watches. I’m always on the lookout for vintage pocket watch chains. Picked this one up for $50 and most ADs now have it going for $195~$250 price range!