Caster help please

A tired looking piece but the marks are slightly confusing,
1738 or 1779? The lion’s head says the former to me, the the ‘d’ says the latter.
Have been through Grimwade but the maker’s mark eludes me as well.
Help please.


The “d” is definitely 1739 - note the small indentation at the top, the waist half way down and the bulge at the bottom.

I am not sure about the maker myself as I’m not sure exactly what the letters are. However I think that you have the picture upside down for the maker’s mark so it is either JC or JG (or just possibly JT). These are illustrated in Grimwade’s I* section so for a few suggestions, none of which seem exactly right, how about:

  • #1227, John Clayton, smallworker, entered 2.11.1736 (no pellet and indents at top & bottom of punch)
  • #1348, John Gamon, largeworker, entered 15.6.1739 (no pellet and an oval punch)
  • #1349, John Gorham, largeworker, entered 27.6.1739 (lobed punch)


Hmm … thanks Phil something to ponder on. So def 1739.
Would the maker be part of the ‘lost’ registrations? Or too early for that.
‘Blowing the dust off Grimwade again’!

How about this inverted …still not convinced …

Grimwade shows John Gamon to be the best option … but, as you stated, no pellet

The smallworkers’ register for 1739-1758 is one of the missing ones so this could be one of the affected marks.

Ah ok … many thanks.
Annoying though.